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 The Rules! All must read!

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PostSubject: The Rules! All must read!   Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:09 pm

Under the reign of The DreamScar (me) you will comply with these rules. Anyone who breaks them or does not read them will be either banned or restricted. I know this is tedious but it won't take long and it will benefit you if anything. Understand? Okay, now...

I do not want to see any internet shorthand on any post - this means "BRB" "u" "cuz" "plez" "b/c" et cetera. Do not be lazy and keep your messages clear and concise. Bad habits like these are not cool and will not be tolerated. So I better not find a post ramped with symbols and abbreviations! I will change anything I find in case there is a slip, but you must do your part and refrain from taking short cuts. This also means meaningless posts like "Me too!" or "No" or "Yes" et cetera.

I ABSOLUTELY will not tolerate any spamming, profanity, pornography, swearing or cussing and illegal, racist, defamatory, sexist, discriminatory, oppressive or insulting content. This includes your banners, avatars, anything you send in PMs, artwork, et cetera. If you are found posting or doing any of this material you will be banned immediately - no grace on this one whatsoever so DO NOT RISK IT! If you should happen to find anything like this, please alert me or one of the moderators immediately through a PM.

Please respect the Administrator and the Moderators at all times. If you do not agree with our rulings and regulations or one of us have infuriated just hold it in. We are not trying to kill you or are out to get you - we simply want this forum to be a safe, fair and friendly. If you have any problems or concerns with a Moderator than PM me immediately. If you think that I am doing something wrong or you have a suggestion to make this forum better PM me immediately also.

Please to not post only to get your rank up - this is harassing to the forums as well as other people and it will not be tolerated. Enjoy getting your rank and post count up but do not be obsessive. (As of now the ranks are nonexistent, so hold on for a minute on that one.)

Yes, I will allow you to give constructive criticism and share your opinion, but please do not argue or post anything deleterious or hurtful to anyone. We are all different and unique people with different and unique opinions and we want every member here to be able to discuss their views freely. Anything posted about religion, politics, et cetera will be warned and then banned. Please remember to respect everyone's opinions and views. You may debate things but do not take a side that you know will be heated. If it has a potential to get ugly than don't even say it. Furthermore do not argue or banter the Administration here - we will not tolerate any childish, petty behavior.

On posting topics: We are a small community and we hope to grow so we grant you the privilege of creating topics. Any topics that have been already posted or that have nothing to do with that forum or spam will be deleted. If you find it amusing to waste my time to have me delete useless topics than you will be banned. No exceptions. I trust you all - please do not break this trust.

On the sharing of work: Guests are allowed to view this forum - this means that anyone may view our discussions - but not post. This is just a warning to be careful - there are people out there who plagiarize and who steal work. I am not saying don't but I am saying to be cautious. If you do not want to risk any of it, don't post it, please.

This is a young and small forum and in the future we would like to gain a lot of members - you may advertise this forum on your website but you must have my permission first (just PM me). You may include your own websites for promotion in your signature or in designated topics and/or stickies but any advertising/promotion spamming will result in an immediate ban. We do not tolerate anything and everything that is harassing to other members. You are also welcome to invite people to join - we want to grow! Very Happy

On avatars and signatures and other image postings: Please comply with the limits set for avatars (200x150 pixels) and signatures (200x450 pixels). Anything in images, videos, avatars and signatures that go against the above rules will not be tolerated and you will be warned to take it down within 24 hours. Failure to take the image off within that period will result in an immediate banning.

Last but definitely not least - always have fun. It's a must and it shouldn't be too hard. Very Happy

And that's about it. Please PM me immediately if you find anyone breaking these rules or if you have suggestions, issues, et cetera. Thank-you!

The DreamScar
Like a Star @ heaven
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The Rules! All must read!
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